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interpreting training redefined.

Terp is an interactive platform that makes practicing dialogue interpreting skills intuitive and rewarding.

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practice dialogues and counting 🤓


Highly Curated Content

All practice dialogues on Terp are written by highly experienced, practicing interpreters. Each dialogue then undergoes an extensive editing process.

Authentic Scenarios

Our creative process prioritizes authenticity to produce believable dialogues and ethical dilemmas.

Professional Audio

We record using high-fidelity microphones, and each track is recorded and mixed by a professional audio engineer.

Use Cases

  • interpreter certification programs
  • professional development
  • academic programs
  • companies and organizations
  • professional associations
  • students
  • freelancers

Terp Subscriptions

  • Individual (1 user) or Community (2+ users)
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practice dialogues and counting 🤓

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